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About me


my purpose

is to increase the knowledge level of myself initially and then the potential reader. To make us think more, research more and take action to do it better as Islam community. I believe there is a gap for evaluation or open discussion for the new age's popular matters and Islam's perspective on them. Nowadays, most of our ordinary actions are not very close to the true meaning of halal, we don't even realize or think about them. That's why I write about them. 


I try not to give definite conclusions on topics as I can never be as wise to do so. I am just a man. I hope you don"t take me as an answer either but just give me the benefit of doubt.

International and perhaps non-muslim readers, I do hope that you may find an urge to research Islam more by my posts and question the image of Islam you retrieved by media or by some Muslims living style. 


short biography

I spent my childhood and youth years in Diyarbakır, Ankara ve Isparta by this order. I graduated in 2010 from Middle East Technical University, majored in food engineering. After working 2 years in Istanbul as a packaging engineer in R&D, I took an opportunity for my career and moved to the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, I spent 6 years in 2 different food companies, again researching food packaging as a developer. Recently(as 2019), I moved back to Turkey due to a bit of homesickness combination with tiredness from corporate life, taking a break, spending my time on my own interests and research topics. I enjoy spending more time with family while trying to find my purpose in life, just like any of us.


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